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Simple to use and its fun!

SmartMan AR in Action

Augmented Reality

iPAD or Tablet Ready

SmartMan AR is the world's first Augmented Reality feedback system to improve CPR performance. It provides information on rate, depth and release of the chest, as well as on too deep and hitting the bottom. Download the free SmartMan AR app and use your Smart Phone or Tablet to monitor and improve performance.

The Skill to Save Lives

ILCOR/AHA research demonstrate that feedback manikins are ESSENTIAL in acquiring and maintaining CPR skills. Proper skills are required to save lives. These skills can only assured through effective training on feedback manikins with real time feedback on skills performance.

Collaborative Learning

SmartMan AR is a great tool in the classroom. The teacher can instantly give objective suggestions on how to improve. Then by simply pointing to another manikin the teacher can move to another student. Students can even use their own smart phone or tablets. The SmartMan AR app is free and only takes seconds to set up. They simply point and shoot and they can work in pairs to help each other.

Why SmartMan AR

Feedback Manikin

SmartMan AR is an ideal manikin to improve CPR. Whether you are a trainer or a student you will welcome this easy to use fun system that provides you with objective feedback. It has proper head tilt-chin lift to open the airway and it has the patented Ambu hygiene system for performing mouth-to-mouth ventilations. SmartMan AR is the first system to bring Augmented Reality to CPR training. The colored bars give feedback for depth, rate and release of chest compressions as they are being performed. It even shows when you have gone too deep.


Why feedback matters

As educators we know learning requires assessment of knowledge and skills. Since 2005 the AHA/ILCOR guidelines have advised on the requirement for feedback manikins to properly evaluate and improve learner performance. The days of an instructor merely watching a learner in action and guessing how they might improve are over. Modern feedback manikins like SmartMan manikins provide accurate and detailed analysis of the learner in action and advise what corrections need to be made while they are performing.